Critical Beats + Earthdance = Critical Beats For Gaia

Earthdance International, Rainforest Action Network and Critical Beats for the Climate have teamed up to promote Critical Beats for Gaia – a new compilation album featuring DJ Spooky, Govinda, Bluetech, and other top artists in collaboration with Indigenous rainforest musicians. Each $10 donation towards the PEACE+TREES Campaign goes to support the Earthdance mission for peace and sustainability and directly benefits frontline rainforest communities through RAN’s Protect-An-Acre grants program and Amazon Voice – PLUS your donation will work to restore the ecology and economy of some of the world’s poorest places by planting a tree through the Green World Campaign! Help support the cause and get your free download of this exclusive album by making a donation of $10 or more to the PEACE+TREES Campaign.

Click here to make a donation + get Critical Beats for Gaia!