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Many thanks to everyone who supported the Rainforest Reverberation album release. Some news regarding this project: I am headed to Ecuador the last 1/2 of December with the Critical Beats/ crew to do some work on the ground with affected communities in the rainforest. We will be building permanent media centers in the Amazon allowing the indigenous communities to document their own culture and give them a “Voice” to speak of their stewardship of the rainforest habitat and document their struggle to maintain control over their own culture and lands. And most importantly, we have some specific needs to help make this all work out. Information below:

Got an old laptop you’d like to donate to save the world, or at least an important chunk of it?

Critical Beats can use it, along with digital video cameras, storage drives, etc. to empower indigenous communities in the Amazon with better tools to educate, report, and communicate issues of self-sustainability. For more info check out: If you’ve got something you’d like to donate email