Rainforest Reverberation: An Amazon Benefit. New CD!

So, I did it. I created a successful career in music. I’ve traveled around the world, created many albums, played in front of thousands of people, and my work is recognized globally.

Why does it hurt so much then? Every time I board another plane to another city to another airport to another hotel to another club to another airport to the next one, something inside me hurts. I’m burning fossil fuels to fly around the world and share my music for what?

I don’t need any more success. I don’t need any more recognition. I don’t need any more album sales, as I can get a job just like everyone else to pay my bills, though paying my rent from music is nice. I don’t need any more attention, accolades, props, or “likes” for what I do.

I need to make a mark. I need to leave something behind when my time in this world is done. I need to know that my life wasn’t just lived for me, that I actually did something with all of this energy and attention which is directed my way. It hurts to see my beautiful world damaged, and to know that I am also directly responsible for that, either through my actions, or more importantly through my inactions.

So I have another album. If it’s just for my own ego satisfaction, then it’s not worth releasing. I found that I had no reason to do this anymore, because you’ve all heard what I have to say musically, and we’ve all danced under many many moons to these beats which flow through me. I had to find a way to make it matter. So here it is:


I’m proud to announce Rainforest Reverbation: An Amazon Benefit. 100 percent of the proceeds of this album work to end deforestation, species loss, and cultural upheaval in the amazon. You can find out a lot more about the specifics at: http://www.amazonvoice.org/

I’m full of gratitude that I found a way, a tiny way to give back a tiny bit through this tiny offering that I made. I hope you enjoy the music, but even more, I hope that it inspires you to take one little action that matters, and to think about your art and your offering, and how to make it count.

If supporting the protection of the plants, people & culture of the amazon through this music feels good to you, you can find some purchase links below, including full album streaming at bandcamp.

Links below:
Bandcamp: http://criticalbeats.bandcamp.com/album/rainforest-reverberation
Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rainforest-reverberation/id441518185
Unmixed files at Addictech: http://www.addictech.com/p/75857