Dreaming while awake: the musical projects of Evan Bartholomew and friends.

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Journey From Artist to Activist: The LIB Citizen Interviews Bluetech

The LIB Citizen is about taking the Lightning in a Bottle philosophy of “Leave It Better, Leave It Beautiful” from the festival out into our every day lives, so that we may actively engage with all of life as a proud citizen of our deeply connected planet.

Here you’ll find interviews with members of the LIB Community in their journey to take action in the world, as well as opportunities for you to join them. Whatever it is you are inspired to do, in the words of the Tibetan meditation master Milarépa as he spoke his last great secret to his student, “The important thing is to actually do it.”

Interview and transcript available here:
LIB Interviews Bluetech


  • Stephen Riggs Says

    Bluetech That was awesome!!! That was so pure. Truly you have Honey in the heart… That’s the best vocal idea about a collective consciousness, which when we all have the gift of tapping into can make world change. That was pure Ego free & Eco powered. As much as I want to Post and say: “When are you coming to tour my Hometown?” I understand you and support your Collective consciousness idea. Your an artist that has become a work of living art. All my power to you! Best wishes.

  • Hey!
    I’m a major Bluetech fan! Evan’s tracks have been #1 on my list ever since.
    I wanted to offer a great idea to implement a calendar of his shows and events to Google Calendars so WE all his fans can add his events to our own and support, plan, and spread the news…

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