In The Branches + Bluetech: Behind The Sky

  1. Where We Begin
  2. Opening In Time
  3. Behind The Sky
  4. Star Trails
  5. Passing Io
  6. Horsehead Nebula
  7. Orbital Mechanics

“Behind The Sky” is the debut collaboration between In The Branches and Bluetech. In The Branches is a prolific ambient music project from guitarist/producer Shane Cotee (The Adaptive, Infinite Brothers). Shane’s textural guitar layers intertwine with the intricate modular synth explorations of renowned electronic music producer Bluetech for a potent new sound.

“Behind The Sky” features cinematic and emotional soundscapes, pulsing analog oscillations, and deep-space meditations with intricate attention to detail. Melodic, dreamy, and high-fidelity ambient music made for contemplating what lies Behind The Sky.


Emergence VR from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.