Holotrope: A Movement Towards Wholeness In 4 Parts

Fresh on the heels of his Billboard charting album “Sci-Fi Lullabies”, Bluetech returns with a deep dive into genre defying electronic music on his new double LP “Holotrope”. Imagined as a psychonauts journey into inner space and back, “Holotrope” contains 4 distinct continuously mixed journeys, each designed to fill a single side of vinyl.

As the album unfolds through the four movements of Descending, Expanding, Ascending & Integrating, Bluetech displays his signature penchant for ping-ponging melodic interplay, creative modular synthesis, atmospheric sound design and dubwise fx manipulation. Touching down in ambient, downtempo, space disco, electro, dub house and spacehop territories, “Holotrope” still contains a cohesive aesthetic which is instantly recognizable as the Bluetech sound.

Inspired by Holotropic Breathwork, meditation, lucid dreaming and journeys through the imaginal realms, “Holotrope” presents a map of movement through layers of perception. Starting with a centering in the physical body and descending into the realms of expanded awareness and ego dissolution, the music charts a serpentine path through ever deep states of being.

Following up a highly prolific year of releases, Bluetech invites you to #jointhemoment and journey through Holotrope.

Part 1: Descending
1. Stone, River and Shadow
2. Afterimage Flare
3. Turning Inside Out

Part 2: Expanding
4. Blisswave 2.0
5. Seeing With the I
6. Heart Logic

Part 3: Ascending
7. Spectral Currents
8. Astral Cartography
9. Eyes Within Wheels

Part 4: Integrating
10. Dissolution By Proxy
11. Awakening / Serpents Tail
12. The End is in the Beginning, the Beginning is in the End 


Artwork by Funi: funilab.com
Mastering by Shawn @ Audible Oddities: audibleoddities.com