Prima Materia

Prima MateriaEvan Bluetech is to Southern California as ambient is to dub. With a background in classical and improvisational piano, he has honed his wares with yearly performances at the infamous Burning Man festival and other outdoor gigs. He serves as Music Director and performer for the living ambient gallery Project Cathedral in San Diego and has contributed his work to the award winning Continuums Project as well as numerous television commercial soundtracks. He is also one of the founding members of the art collective Native:State, a group of quirky circus performers, DJ’s fire dancers and music makers.

Bluetech melds the electronic with the organic, utilizing custom-built Reaktor instruments and software-based synthesizers. His traditional classical training brings a warmth and musicality to the precision and detail of his extremely fresh electronic style and sound. Besides ambient dub influences, Bluetech also borrows from the worlds of IDM and experimental electronica. Inspired by artists like The Orb, Sounds From The Ground and Higher Intelligence Agency, Bluetech delivers a vivid distinct sound that is both modernistic and retrospective.

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