Hyperdimensional Animals

[highlighted]Invisible Allies = Bluetech + KiloWatts[/highlighted]

We’re super proud to announce our first official release as Invisible Allies.  5 original tracks, and 5 remixes from Mr. Projectile, The Great Mundane, Erothyme, Bil Bless & Aligning Minds.

Exploring futuristic spacefunk, textural ambient, odd time signatures, complex harmonic developments, detailed digitalia and a sublime sense of the exotic, the first Invisible Allies EP, “Hyperdimensional Animals,” gives a first look into what promises to be an exciting and evolving conversation between two singular and eccentric producers.

Thanks for the support, for helping us to control the flow of piracy and be successful at self release with this music. I hear lots of people talking about how its the record labels getting screwed when people pirate. Well, in this case, it’s only us that is getting screwed. We’d love to pay some bills, and have time to work on the next round of music!!!

You can purchase the album and stream complete and audio samples here:


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Enjoy the music.  Stay invisible.